Now that autumn-winter fashion is making its way from the runways to your favourite retailer, it’s time to take a peek at what’s in store.

In this guide, we’ll let you in on the best of 2020 men’s attire you should include in your wardrobe, so you’ll have ample choices for autumn-winter events as the year draws to a close.

What Are the Key Men’s Fashion Trends for AW 2020 – 2021?


Not quite as essential as the perennially fashionable white tee or the classic navy blue suit, the overshirt sits somewhere between a regular shirt and a light jacket — something that speaks of its versatility.

The understated overshirt identifies its roots with highly functional 20th-century workwear. Its unexpected popularity has transformed it into every man’s best friend when they can’t decide whether to wear a jacket over a tee or light undershirt (find out how to wear a men’s overshirt).

Cotton, twill, or chambray — you can take your pick for when the weather gets a bit chilly but not cold enough for a full-on jacket. During winter, you can still wear one underneath your coat without the extra weight of a bona fide jacket.

Detail Jeans

Jeans for men are a classic favourite, and fashion innovators have found ingenious ways to jazz up everyday jeans with all sorts of interesting details.

Whether you love loose or straight jeans, skinny stretch, super skinny, skinny cargoes, ripped skinny jeans, or anything in between, you’ll be a tad happier with the many detail options out there.

Feeling rather fanciful? You’re sure to make a memorable entry wearing fashion jeans with badges, graphic prints, or even lace details. There’s also the more laid-back rip and repair details or jeans with cargo pockets. Whatever your mood, there are more ways to express yourself beyond wearing all-over ripped jeans.


Time to celebrate another comeback — corduroy has been making the rounds in fashion runways again, albeit in a contemporary, updated look.

This comfortable retro fabric known for its velvety texture is available in every conceivable shade. It is also versatile enough to come in the form of classy corduroy trousers for your everyday look, head-to-toe jumbo cord getups, oversized corduroy overcoats, or collegiate corduroy suits.

Whichever style you fancy — vintage, updated, or both — wearing stylish corduroy not only looks good but will also add warmth to your ensemble.

Checks and Dogtooth Patterns

Prints may not be for everyone, but checks and dogtooth are two patterns that almost everyone loves.

The check pattern — big and small — has shown up again on the world’s leading fashion runways, and for good reason. Checks are incredibly fashionable and can be as subtle and arresting as they come. Coming back in the form of grunge-inspired oversized plaid shirts, dressing gown-style coats, classic suits, and check blanket coats, the check is a perennial pattern that looks good on just about everyone.

The dogtooth pattern is a classic variation of houndstooth, and it’s coming back in vintage-inspired trousers that look stylish and collegiate. Paired with a muted shirt, it’s a perfect statement of the kind of man you are — classy and focused on quality. But you needn’t be limited to trousers. If you wish to make a bit of a splash without going overboard, you can wear a classic dogtooth blazer or an oversized uber-chic dogtooth-patterned coat in the nippy weather.

Borg Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are the ultimate fashion staple. However, they can’t provide the warmth you need to strut your stuff in chilly autumn and freezing winter.

Enter borg denim jackets. Borg is a faux sheepskin-like textured material that’s super soft and warm. Paired with denim, what you get is the always on-trend borg denim jacket. And whether you’re a fan of light, washed, or dark-coloured denim, the faux shearling detail of a borg denim jacket makes it great for everyday wear and also style-appropriate for special events like music festivals.

Varsity Jackets

Gone are the days when you’ll be identified as an athlete for wearing a varsity jacket. Besides, the preppy look usually associated with teen or college fashion has broken out of its shell, morphed and gone on to dominate the streets.

Sometimes called ‘letterman jacket,’ the varsity jacket today is a collarless, button-up sporty jacket that’s made from a wide variety of materials like jersey cotton, wool, leather, and suede. The best way to wear the varsity jacket is by opting for a slimmer and shapely silhouette.

Shirt and Trousers Sets

A matching shirt and trousers set is a timeless trend in men’s fashion that’ll probably remain well into the next few decades (or even centuries). Although the classic suit continues to evolve as fashion dictates, these slight modifications create wonderful opportunities to be creative and stylish.

Whether you go for the classic tailored look or opt for loose blazers and wide pleated trousers, any guy in this getup oozes fashion and impeccable taste. For autumn and winter, go for grey, ashy, and caramel tones, or choose your print from stripes and checks.


Function-focused yet fashionable pieces in the form of utility-inspired garments are back in men’s collections. Tool vests, cargo pants, and multi-pockets dominate the utility trend (find out how to wear the utility trend).

One way to make this style work is by layering a simple utility vest — in black or any basic colour — over a loose white tee and finishing off with streetwear-friendly loose-leg trousers and technical trainers. Another styling option is wearing a utility-style jacket with pockets and epaulettes with cargo trousers or jeans. You can soften the look with your favourite non-utility headgear.

What Are the Key Men’s Colour Trends for AW 2020 – 2021?

Red, blue, and earthy tones take centre stage in men’s autumn-winter 2020 fashion runways.


Blokes sporting flashy colours have been spotted in London, Paris, and Milan runways, donning crimson overcoats and suits, holly berry winter blazers, and carmine and scarlet sweaters, coats, and blazers.


Traditionally associated with men’s fashion, blue is here to stay. Always on-trend, blue is virtually on everything — shirts, ties, jackets, trousers, headwear, and shoes. You can never go wrong with blue.

Earthy tones

This autumn and winter, you can relish the cosy comfort of fabrics in a classic earthy palette, such as soft browns (or even chocolate, whiskey, cinnamon, and rust), greys, muted pastel greens, and purples. Whether it’s a jacket, pair of trousers, tie, hat, beanie, or footwear, these earthy shades are guaranteed to imbue a touch of calm consistency to your attire.

With these versatile fashion choices, you can step into the colder weather with cool confidence and style.

AW 2020-2021 Outfit Ideas for Men



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