The boohooMAN team travelled to a beautiful beach in Malibu to shoot our latest #BeTheMAN campaign. We wanted to capture the essence of summer with sun, sea and sand and what better place to do so than the sunny coast of California?

As soon as the sun started to rise, we headed down to the beach with model Matthew Pollock, so he could show off his skills on a surf board. After a few failed attempts, it was time to get those sea-side shots to showcase our new swimwear.

We then headed up to the beach house where we met Darius, our model from London. The pair jumped in the Chevrolet Blazer, dressed in a selection of sleeveless tees, shirts, ripped jeans and distressed denim jackets.

After Matt showed us how to surf, it was time for Darius to show us how to skateboard. Pulling off kick-flips and 180 spins dressed in true skater-boy fashion, our camera man had his work cut out for him running alongside Darius in order to get the best shots of his sick tricks.

As the day drew to a close and the sun started to set, we found the perfect spot where we could see the sun touch the horizon, casting a mesmerising backdrop for the finishing touches of our shoot.

Check out the full behind the scenes video below:


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