Every Saturday, the famous Ushuaia hotel presents one of the biggest events on the party island. Hosted by the ever growing ANTS, an underground movement originating from Ibiza back in 2013, the day to night party sees some of the biggest names in deep house and techno music grace the stage to put on what can only be described as a euphoric experience.

Opening its doors at 3pm, the event kicks off at the opposite end of the club where crowds surround the circular DJ booth on the dance floor, three story platforms or in the knee deep pool positioned right next to the speakers. We suggest getting to the venue within the first few hours of opening so you can enjoy this once in a lifetime experience as the party vibe in the sun is one to remember. Whilst you get lost in the moment of the music and the occasional flood of cool smoke, which is a god send in the hot Spanish sun, the focus then heads towards the main stage as the acts make their way to the decks for the evening.

As the sun drops and the main stage comes to life, you’re overwhelmed with the incredible lighting, confetti cannons, flames and smoke clouds, not to mention the incredible music from the biggest names in the industry.

If you’ve ever been to Ibiza, you know the party never stops, so take the vibe over to Hi Ibiza which is located across the road from Ushusia, for yet other unforgettable experience.

The atmosphere is hard to describe and can only be fully understood by experiencing it first-hand. So, if you’re heading out for the end of season parties, make sure you book your tickets or make sure you attend next year!

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