The year might be over but we’re only just getting started. Our biggest MAN Active launch yet has dropped and we don’t think you’re ready.

New Year, New Vision. It’s time to push yourself out of your comfort zone and take the steps towards living a more active lifestyle, starting with your activewear. Challenge yourself to change with Active Night Vision, a collection designed to boost your motivation and smash your 2022 goals.

Active Night Vision is the ultimate combination of warmth, reflectivity and style. Wear it to the gym or take advantage of its luminous details on your early morning or after-dark runs.

The overall theme throughout the Night Vision collection is to improve technical elements and
support functionality and visibility during night time training. The fabrics chosen include our
improved quality for comfort and durability and the details within each garment are an elevation on
previous capsules, using reflective and neon techniques for improved visibility, and utilising
considered details for maximum performance and functionality’’

Active Buyer, Ash Bellis

This launch is fronted by our top-performing ambassadors, the drop includes champion bodybuilder Bionic Body (Edgard John-Augustin) – an inspirational athlete with prosthetic legs,  fitness entrepreneur Simeon Panda, pro bodybuilder and winner of the 2021 IFBB Republic of Texas Andrei Deiu, and fitness model and influencer Elton Pinto Monta.

This 50+ piece collection focuses on offering high quality, true performance wear, to make workouts more comfortable and aesthetically elevated. Style, design, breathable fabrics and functional fits are at the core of this range. Their reflective grid hooded windbreaker is just one of the hero pieces from the range that delivers multi-functional gym wear to ensure on the go comfort for those longer, more intense workouts.

The Products

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