As the festive season is nearly upon us, here at boohooMAN we have discovered where in the UK has the strongest sense of Christmas spirit to help you really get into that festive feeling this winter. 

After a very un-festive Christmas last year, so many Brits are looking forward to the joy that December brings and having the chance to celebrate and spend time with their loved ones, and that’s why we’ve discovered where the most festive places are across the UK – so you can finally feel some of that much deserved Christmas cheer. 

To decide our most festive places, we’ve analysed a number of festive factors including the average amount spent on gifts, wine and spirits, the chance of snow on Christmas Day, the number of Instagram hashtags for local Christmas markets, the number of nearby tree farms, and online searches for ‘Christmas’ and related terms.

Where in the UK has the most Christmas spirit?

CityAverage amount spent on wines and spirits during the Christmas PeriodAverage amount spent on gifts per person during the Christmas periodChance of snow on Christmas Day (%)Number of Instagram hashtags for local Christmas marketsAverage monthly online searches for ‘Christmas’ over the past 12 monthsNumber of nearby Christmas tree farmsOverall Ranking (out of 100)
Coventry£58.20£459.50 25.00% 212,900151
Edinburgh£58.38£422.7320.00%20 4,400 148
Sheffield£51.05£417.4025.00%1,500 4,400 143
Bradford£52.44£378.52 25.00% 51,900343

Manchester revealed as the most Christmassy place in the UK


christmas capitals uk

Manchester is crowned the UK’s most festive place! 

This northern city scored an impressive 68 out of 100 for all things festive and is a great place to visit this winter to really get you into the Christmas spirit. 

Manchester Christmas markets are definitely a must-see this year, with a whopping 7,700 hashtags on Instagram. The market is due to start on Friday the 12th of November and is set to stay all the way until December 22nd, meaning there’s plenty of time for those last-minute gift buyers in Manchester.


Glasgow is the second most festive UK city, scoring a high 62 out of 100. 

Our research shows that on average, Glaswegians spend the most on Christmas presents, at around £500 per person – which is a whopping £195 more than those in Nottingham spend on gifts. Hey, big spender. And those Christmas gifts might be coming sooner than you think, as those in Glasgow also had the highest amount of online searches for ‘Christmas’ and similar related terms over the past 12 months, showing that those in Glasgow are ready to get into the festive spirit!


Coming in at the third most festive UK place is Liverpool.

Liverpool has the second-highest spend on wine and spirits, averaging at around £58, but not only that – the city also has the highest percentage chance of snow on Christmas Day, at 25%! 

If you wanna build a snowman, Liverpool is definitely a must-see city this festive period. 

christmas capitals uk

The UK places with the least amount of festive spirit


Wakefield is one of the UK’s least Christmassey places, coming in at 13th in our ranking. 

Wakefield had the lowest amount of average online searches for ‘Christmas’ at only 720 a month, and the city has one of the lowest number of Christmas market related hashtags, with only 65. But not all hope is lost for those in Wakefield this Christmas, as alongside Liverpool, this city has the highest percentage chance of a magical and snowy white Christmas!


Cardiff is another UK place struggling to get into the festive spirit this Christmas season, appearing 14th on our list. 

Cardiff has the lowest spend on wine and spirits, averaging at around £43, which is £22 less than the big spenders in Leicester. Not only that, but the weather is also not on the Welsh peoples side as Cardiff was least likely to get snow this winter, with only a 7.70% chance.


It’s bad news for festive folk in Nottingham, as it appeared 15th on our list and is the least Christmassy place to visit this winter. 

Nottingham has the lowest average spend on Christmas presents, at around £305 per person, and also has one of the lowest average spends on wine and spirits at around £47.

Average amount spent on gifts per person

christmas capitals uk

The highest average amount spent on gifts per person was Glasgow, with an average of £500, meaning it’s good news for gift receivers in Scotland! Nottingham are the lowest with around £300 average spend – sounds like they’re no strangers socks & underwear gift set!

Number of Instagram hashtags for local Christmas markets

The UK place with the highest number of hashtags for local Christmas markets was Birmingham, with an impressive 12,600 hashtags. The market is expected to start from Thursday 4th of November, and activities such as the big wheel and the ice rink will be staying all the way through until the 9th of January. Don’t forget to take your big coat, though!

Online searches for ‘Christmas’ related terms

The highest amount of online searches for ‘Christmas’ related terms over the past 12 months came from London, with 60,500 searches. This shows that those in the UK’s capital are all about Christmas, and couldn’t be more ready for the festive period – that includes stocking up on Christmas Jumpers to make a statement at the work Christmas party!

Wherever you plan to spend the festive season, boohooMAN hopes your Christmas is merry and joyful – either way, it’s gotta be an improvement on last year, right?


We looked at the most festive cities, using the following criteria: 

Christmas shopping: average spend on wine and spirits, Average spend on gifts per person during the Christmas period, % chance of snow, Christmas market # for each city on Instagram, Christmas Tree farms near each city and Avg Monthly Search Vol for ‘Christmas’. 

We used Spotify data from the album ‘Christmas Hits,’ looking at the total number of plays each song has received to calculate total potential revenue to determine which song and artist earn the most money for their Christmas music.

Data Sources

Search Volume taken from

Spending on Christmas gifts taken from Statista.

Spending on wine and spirits at Christmas from Statista.

Chance of snow taken from Wales Online.

Christmas Market hashtag data taken from Instagram.

Christmas Tree Farms taken from



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