Fitness model, personal trainer and all round and gym enthusiast David Birtwistle shared his top 5 tips on staying motivated.

  1. Have a clear focus on your goal. Most people don’t really know what they want to achieve and will give general and broad goals like “lose weight”. This will always be difficult to achieve because it’s non specific. Give yourself a clear target with a time frame that’s measurable such as, “lose 4lbs in the next 2 weeks”.


  1. Don’t expect miracles. Like everything in life, fitness goals take time to achieve and if they were easy, they wouldn’t be achievements. By having realistic expectations, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll be able to celebrate the small wins along the way.


  1. Measure your progress in many ways, not just weight. The number on the scale is only one measure and is affected by many things other than body fat, so measure your body fat % if you can, use a tape measure around your waist, chest and arms as well as taking progress pictures. Do this once each week at the same time, on the same day, in the same clothes and you’ll get a true sense of your progress.


  1. Share your goal with a friend, family member, colleague or Coach. By telling someone your goal, you will have more accountability for your actions. If you lose motivation and slip up, they will help you get back on track. Accountability is one of the most important motivational tools you can have


  1. Staying motivated year round is a battle for anyone but one thing I use to keep mine high is to hang around with people that share my passion. So keep it social and make friends that enjoy working out and keeping fit just as much as you do.

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