Halloween’s for kids, right? Wrong! Here at boohooMAN, we believe in having fun, and you’re never too old to enjoy Halloween. After all, doesn’t everyone enjoy a bit of fake gore, pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and zombie dressing-up? 

However, we do recognise your dilemma when it comes to what to wear to your mate’s Halloween party. The problem is, you don’t want to go all-out on a Halloween costume and look like you just stepped off an Amazon product page for ‘Halloween Fancy Dress’ (yes, we’ve seen you looking…). But, you don’t want to wear the same last-minute ensemble as last year, which probably involved a ripped tee and jeans, and some hastily applied vampire face-paint.  An added predicament is that you’d prefer to look, well, at least a little bit cool.


As always, we’re here to help. Here’s boohooMAN’s guide to easy Halloween outfits for men. Whether you’re looking to have a laugh in a funny Halloween costume or scare as many party-goers as possible in a scary Halloween outfit, we’ve covered all bases. 

We’ve got plenty of options to help take the stress out of finding a last minute Halloween outfit…Our skeleton onesie is the perfect option to look like you’ve gone all out but with minimal effort. Team it with our skeleton bandana for the extra scare-factor!

Penelope Armstrong (boohooMAN Senior Menswear Designer)


1. Wear a Halloween T-Shirt

Since they are generally black, men’s Halloween shirts go with anything, and you can wear them just about anywhere you’d normally wear a t-shirt. Choose from witty slogans, subtle messages, horror-film associations, fun men’s pumpkin t-shirts, and men’s skeleton t-shirts. If you’re someone who likes gothic or Halloween imagery, grab yourself a couple of men’s Halloween t-shirts and enjoy the build-up to October 31st. 

You’ll be able to wear your men’s Halloween t-shirt after the event, too. Wear it with shorts at the gym, throw it on with jeans or tracksuit bottoms for college, uni or weekend wear, or wear your Halloween t-shirt in bed when it gets really cold. Speaking of the approaching winter months, you can wear your Halloween t-shirt over the top of a long-sleeve top, or underneath a hoodie or sweatshirt when you need another layer, or when your playing sport or training outdoors. 

2. Wear a Halloween Sweat or Hoodie

Google reveals that searches for Halloween tees, jumpers, sweatshirts and hoodies almost doubled in the last 4 years, while searches for Halloween costumes and fancy dress are slowly decreasing. That’s probably because people are more likely to spend their cash on clothes they can wear out and about, rather than just as a one-off for a party; and, not everyone wants to stand out like a sore thumb. 

Many of us prefer easy to wear items that boost our confidence and feel good. Men’s Halloween jumpers, hoodies and sweatshirts certainly satisfy these criteria. Choose a loose fit skeleton hoodie to keep you warm on your travels, or if you’re out and about. If you’re planning on trick or treating with the kids, come Halloween, all you need to do is pull up the hood on your men’s Halloween hoodie, and apply some face-paint, and you’re good to go. And, just like your Halloween t-shirt, your men’s Halloween jumper will get plenty of use through the winter months. 

3. Wear a Halloween Onesie

A Halloween onesie is the perfect solution if you’d kind of like to dress up, but you don’t want the hassle of sourcing and putting together different parts of a costume. As well as being incredibly simple and easy to wear, a Halloween onesie will keep you snug and warm, you can throw it in the wash when you need to, and if you choose, you can even wear it in place of pyjamas. Thee’s nothing better than a super soft hooded onesie when you fancy a bit of pampering, or you’re struck with the dreaded man-flu. 

A skeleton onesie is black with a skeleton embossed over the top. The ideas is that when you stand in the dark, the black will blend with the background and the skeleton will stand out. All you need do is wear a skull mask or apply face paint to resemble a skull. Clever eh? 

Other Halloween costume ideas include a pumpkin onesie or a clown onesie. Clowns are great because it’s much easier to craft clown make-up than it is to try to paint a skull on your face.

4. Wear a Halloween Mask

Applying make-up and face paint is something of an art. A slip of the hand and you get it wrong, and it can easily get smudged, ruining your carefully put-together look. Then, when you’re done, you have the hassle of removing it, and in the case of fake blood and eyeliner, cleaning it all off isn’t always as easy as you think. 

A more straightforward solution is a Halloween mask. Few things are more sinister than a purge mask, concealing your face and featuring a blank expression or an evil grin. A skeleton mask is perfect worn with a skeleton onesie, skeleton t-shirt or black hoodie. Alternatively, opt for an insanely grinning bear head, or a yellow-eyed crazy rabbit face mask. Just don’t forget you’re wearing it when you pop to the petrol station to fill the car up, and you’re probably best to stay away from young kids! 

How to Create an Easy, Scary Halloween Outfit for Men?

  • Cover your face. Wear a Halloween mask, skull-print bandanna, or mouth mask. It’s strange how covering your face makes you instantly more frightening.  
  • Go for gore. Get a tube of fake blood and let loose on a white t-shirt. Alternatively, choose a blood-covered doctor costume, and the blood’s already there for you. 
  • Add accessories. With a simple apron, you can be a Halloween butcher. You become a lot more terrifying when you add a plastic chainsaw, sword or machete to your Halloween costume.
easy Halloween outfits

How to Create an Easy, Funny Halloween Outfit for Men?

  • Dare to be edgy. Instead of a PUMPKIN t-shirt, opt for a Clockwork ORANGE licensed t-shirt.
  • Venture from outer space. Wear a green alien mask. Green rubber gardening gloves and antenna headband are optional. 
  • Be a ghastly gangster. Be a Halloween gangster complete with fake cigar, trilby hat and gold teeth.
easy Halloween outfits

Take-Home Message

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to think about how you’ll join in with the fun. If you’re not into a full-on grim reaper costume, or a face-full of Frankenstein’s monster make-up, that’s ok. You can still show you’re good with the season of bobbing apples and too many sweets. Just grab yourself a few easy to wear Halloween essentials and a Halloween mask, and show some zombie love!


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