No matter who you are or what you do, you’re going to find yourself in a suit at some point in your life.
It could go one of two ways, either you dominate and wear it like a boss, or you look like you’re wearing your grandad’s hand me downs. Contrary to the Macklemore song ‘Thrift Shop’ from a few years back, your grandad’s style is not something you can pull off.

So, if you’re wondering how you can look like a dapper savant in a suit, remember these five things;

  1. The Most Important Thing Is The Fit.

In this day and age, there’s no excuse for having an ill fitted suit. We’re not saying all your suits must be custom made to measure masterpieces but you must put some thought into what you wear.

Rather than just opting for just any old suit off the rack, find out what your measurements are. Check whether the suit is a regular, slim or tailored fit. If in doubt, opt for the more slimming fit that gives a tapered look. If you’ve extra money to spare, then take your suit to your local seamstress or tailor and just get the blazer tapered to suit you. If the shoulders fit, then know that everything else can be fixed by a tailor or seamstress.

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  1. Know Your Colours

Pick colours that compliment your skin tone. Not everyone can pull off a bright burgundy suit so don’t just pick out the flashiest suit in the store. Start off safe & stick to the classics; black, charcoal grey, navy blue, oxford blue or neural colours are your best friends when deciding what colour to build your suit on.

Try out different colours and see what works best for you. We’re all unique so not everyone will be able to wear the same colour. Push the boundaries a bit but still make sure you’re aware of what works for you.

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  1. Tie, Bow Tie or No Tie

This is a personal preference thing in most situations. Unless you’re attending a formal event where a tie is a necessity then it’s all down to you and what you like.

For me, the bowtie is my tie of choice.

If I was to opt for a tie, I want something that sets me apart from other people and most importantly, I want something that doesn’t make me seem like an old stiff. I love knitted ties as they add an extra style touch. To make your suit stand out, opt for a skinnier tie or a tie with an eye-catching pattern to bring your suit life.

The ‘No tie/Invisible tie’ look is something I’ve always admired, it screams “I’m an Italian savant”. However, it only works with a fitted suit and shirt that’s crisp. If the collars aren’t crisp or buttoned down, then please wear a tie.

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  1. Invest in a Pocketsquare

What do Jay Gatsby, Clark Gable, Don Draper, and Daniel Craig (as well as James Bond) have in common? They’re all sharp dressers – and all of them have worn pocket squares. A pocket square is an excellent way to be bold, while not rocking too many boats. Add a pocket square in any colour or combination of colours you can imagine, to give your suit a dash of personality and uniqueness. Pocket squares may be fairly unusual today, but they’re backed with enough historical credentials to command both fascination and respect. In my opinion your suit is never complete without a Pocketsquare and don’t even have to be extravagant with it, even a plain white linen square will do the trick.

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  1. Shoes Matter

You’re going to want make sure you look stylish from head to toe so understand that a decent pair of shoes can have a huge impact on your overall appearance. Depending on what kind of suit you’re wearing your shoe selection will change.

The Brogue is a classic that can be paired with both a casual suit (blazer & jeans) or a formal suit.

The Monk Strap is one of my favourite shoe as it really elevates the sartorial aspect of your look, whether with a suit or a pair of jeans, it shows that you put some thought into your style and outfit more than the average man.

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Words by boohooMAN Student Ambassador, by Kenneth Nwaezeigwe


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