50 trailer-loads of discarded clothing are dumped in UK landfills every day! It’s time to STOP. Don’t bin it, turn your unwanted clothes into discounts. What if we told you that by using the reGAIN app and letting us have your old clothes, shoes and accessories that you can get a discount to save money on your next purchase?

Here at boohooMAN, doing our bit for the environment as well as putting customers first are two of our main priorities. As we have recently started to provide more sustainable clothing to our customers, the last thing we want is for clothing to end up in a landfill site. Check out how the reGAIN app can help you recycle clothes for cash in three easy steps!


How does the reGAIN app work?

Simply download the app from your chosen app store, compatible with IOS and Android devices, create an account using your email address and chosen password. Make sure you hit the ‘tip’ button to check everything you have included in your bag is approved (minimum of 10 items).

Where can I drop off my unwanted items?

Once you have bagged all your items up and checked they are eligible to be swapped for a discount code. Hit the ‘drop off point’ button to find out where your nearest drop off point is to you. All you need to do is input your current location and the app will do all the work. The black dots represent your local drop off points.

Where can I use the discounts?

When all your items have been dropped off at your local drop point. It will take a maximum of 30 minutes for it to be visible in the app. All you need to do now is unlock a coupon from your favourite brand *cough cough* boohooMAN! That’s money saved!? 

Head on over to boohooMAN for more exclusive deals and discounts and for more information about recycling options!

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