We are all over the new bleach distressed look. We’re moving on from the classic distressed tee and going in with this new take.

The bleached distressed look is giving us real feels for this summer. With upcoming festival season just around the corner, this is an easy way to have that one item to finish that ‘rave ready’ look.

The bleached finish has been showcased by A$AP Rocky, Kanye and plenty more rappers jumping on the bleached bang wagon. They’ve been seen in bleached tees, denim jackets and jeans.

Say goodbye to the days of DIY.  No longer will you have to worry about the floors, walls or the actual clothes you are wearing whilst making your bleached outfit; we’ve done it for you.

Check out our favourite bleached items below:

MZZ72534  MZZ72535   MZZ72535

MZZ72817  MZZ73194 MZZ72707

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Words by @zigournie 



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