February saw the boohooMAN team hit the American highway all the way to Palmdale, California to shoot our spring 2017 campaign, #NoVacancy. Joined by photographer Adam Rindy and director Eric Maldin, we took over the famous film location, The Four Aces Motel, to shoot the TVC that would officially see the back of winter and prepare us for our trip into spring with boohooMAN’s spring collection.

The Four Aces Motel provided the perfect site as its whereabouts has that ‘middle of nowhere’ atmosphere and the backdrop of sandy highways, dried out trees and a rocky mountain range matched the care free feel we aimed to capture with this campaign.

Starting early in the morning to get the best of the light on a cloudy California day, the team began shooting outside with the banged up, baby blue Ford pickup truck in which models Daniel Bamdad & Chuck Achike would be making their fashionable pit stop in. The tarnished state of the truck coordinated with the old, vintage motel and once this scene was finished it didn’t take long for us to take turns flooring it down the long dusty roads surrounding The Four Aces Motel.

After playing Fast & Furious, the crew then made their way inside to investigate the run down diner, gas station and bedroom to get a sense of the lighting and authentic props that each set had to offer. As the hours passed, we discovered more and more spots around the location that left us with a photo library twice as big as we expected. The motel had heaps of unique spots for photos and as the day drew to a close, we found a ‘No Vacancy’ neon sign hanging in the window of the motel reception; we knew we had something special.

The edited video is accompanied with the upbeat track, Clap, made specifically for our #NoVacancy campaign by the London-based music producer and songwriter New Machine. It brings the old-fashioned location to life and ignites the start of spring and summer with a party vibe.

Check out the full behind the scenes video below.


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