boohooMAN is excited to announce its first ever skate capsule in collaboration with the skater’s favourite skater, Boo Johnson. The collection will combine Johnson’s classic street and skate style with the casual urban flavour of boohooMAN’s standard pieces. Clothing and accessories in the collection will range from everyday oversized skate staples to retro striped accessories.


The 27-year-old inspired a collection which embodies skateboarding culture, California street wear style and Boo’s day-to-day fits. Relaxed, oversized silhouettes including hoodies, sweaters, tees and cargo trousers are combined with a colour palette of utility and ecru variations. Pops of colour are seen on various styles including a classic pink stripe tee and the most statement item of the capsule, a sunflower print teddy jacket. The range is versatile in its offering and allows the customer to be creative in styling. Kept at the core of the collections theme is Boo’s life motto; ‘Peace & Love Worldwide’, ever prominent and powerful.


Who Is Boo Johnson?

Born Jakel Johnson in Tehachapi, California, Boo (a nickname given by his parents) is a 27-year-old professional skateboarder. He started skateboarding when he was around 12 years old, dropped out of high school to pursue a career in skateboarding, and by the time he was 23 years old had gone pro. He soon secured sponsorships with brands like DGK, Diamond Supply Co., and Supra. He continues to earn sponsorships and to partner with major streetwear brands.

Johnson lives in Long Beach, California, which is a great place for a professional skateboarder. The laidback lifestyle and creative vibe is an ideal fit for someone like Johnson, who doesn’t work a 9-5 job. The scenic beach views and surf culture in California jive well with Johnson’s “peace and love” outlook on life. Plus, with tattoos that cover most of his arms, shoulders, chest, and stomach, he will fit right in with the rest of the artistic crowd that calls the Golden State home.

boo johnson boohooman fashion line

Boo’s Fashion Brand

Johnson has his own fashion brand, JHF (Just Have Fun), which started out as a hat brand and grew to include clothing and other accessories. He chose the name because when he was first introduced to skateboarding as a child, it was all about fun for him. It was the fun factor of skateboarding that drew him to the sport. Even though skateboarding is what Johnson does for a living, he still has fun with it to this day.

So what was the inspiration for starting a fashion brand? In an interview with Vice, Johnson said he wanted to explore entrepreneurship after being a professional skateboarder. “But I don’t want to leave the skateboard world — I always want to be part of the industry because it’s so rad.” 

He admits that dropping out of school to become a professional skateboarder was not without risk and was not exactly the path his mother hoped he’d choose. Nonetheless, he followed his passion, and he hasn’t looked back. In fact, he sees a lot more fun — and fashion — in his future.

boo johnson boohooman fashion line

A Fashion-Focused Future

Johnson also told Vice, “It’ll be a good time to get my diploma and slowly get into fashion. I definitely want to stay focused on my skateboard career, but fashion will always be around. I’m picking things up here and there, looking up to people who are part of the game and doing my own thing, not trying to do anything big right now.”

He also told Boda Skins in an interview that if he wasn’t a professional skateboarder, he would be doing something in the active sports scene or the fashion scene. However, he does plan to stay focused on skateboarding for at least 10 more years. That doesn’t mean he can’t keep teaming up with amazing brands and companies on the side. Much like fashion, skateboarding is a form of expression, so the merging of Johnson’s career and fashion aspirations is a perfect match.

boo johnson boohooman fashion line

Behind the Scenes

When Johnson isn’t on tour skateboarding, he spends a lot of time at home with his dog, Yogi, his homies, and his girlfriend, who acts as Yogi’s babysitter when Johnson is on the road. He also goes cycling and swimming to stay fit. As a skateboarder, his body goes through a lot of stress. That’s not surprising, considering he spends most of his days practising his skateboard moves. The one he struggles with the most? “I’m not the best at ledges. I don’t have the patience to skate ledges,” he told music and skateboarding outlet Caught in the Crossfire.

If you aren’t familiar with skateboarding lingo, ledges are basically just corners to slide on. Everything from a park bench to a curb that slides down next to a set of stairs is considered a ledge. Johnson might not think he’s got the skills to conquer ledges, but the success he has found in the skateboarding world says otherwise.

As for what move he rocks best? When Boda Skins asked what his party trick move is, he said, “The 360 kickflip for sure, it’s a trick that is pretty easy yet looks cool and might get an applause.” 

boo johnson boohooman fashion line

The boohooMAN x Boo Johnson Skate Capsule

So what can you expect to see from the boohooMAN x Boo Johnson collab? Pieces that draw inspiration from street and skate culture, like oversized hoodies, borg jackets, and loose fit tees! Also watch for wide-leg pants, ’90s-style denim, and clothing that has a more relaxed fit. There will be lots of earth tones with pop accents and yarn-dyed accessories to top it all off. Even if you can’t be a professional skateboarder like Boo Johnson, you can rock his look and at least feel like a pro skateboarder.

Want to be front of the line when Boo Johnson’s collection officially drops? Download the boohooMAN app to be notified, and enjoy other perks as well. Shop your favourite styles with boohooMAN 24/7 at


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