Whether you’re a heartbreaker or heartbroken, the hoodie heist is real. The team here at boohooMAN has conducted a study in the run-up to Valentine’s Day to get you naughty Brits to come clean about your post break up robberies.

This research conducted by boohooMAN surveyed the British public and asked them to anonymously answer questions about their ex and current partner. The results exposed which items of clothing are the most commonly stolen in a relationship, how many of us are still pining over taken belongings and which of us mischievous Brits have thieved something belonging to our exes with no plans to give it back!

We all know breakups can be tough, and asking for your clothes back can be an awkward encounter. boohooMAN can now reveal which items of clothing you need to keep a close eye on to avoid the dreaded post-breakup belongings exchange. So, if you spend your days wondering where your favourite t-shirt is, we are sad to say it’s probably being worn by your ex. Good luck getting that back.

More than half of Brits have had their hoodie stolen by an ex

Unsurprisingly, the most likely item to be nabbed by an ex is a hoodie. The study revealed over 50% of the UK have had their hoodie taken by a partner or ex. So be wary when your significant other tells you they’re cold and wants to wear your hoodie… You may never see it again.

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The second most popular item to *suspiciously disappear* when your significant other comes over is a t-shirt, with a whopping 38% of votes. You can’t blame them – sleeping in an oversized t-shirt is an elite comfort experience, and it’s even better when the t-shirt was free!

Coming in as the third most likely item to be taken by a partner is joggers. This racked up 24% of the votes. With your stolen joggers, hoodie and t-shirt, your ex has a full tracksuit. Aren’t you generous?

Your gym wear is safe when it comes to thieving exes!

The item least likely to be taken by your partner is gym wear. Coming in with an extremely low 4% of votes, it’s safe to say your gym wear will most likely go untouched. Now you have the peace of mind that your gym wear is safe and sound, you can buy as much as you want! Check out our gymwear range here.

The second least popular item to be worn by a partner is footwear. This was the least surprising to us at boohooMAN – for obvious reasons. The likelihood of your significant other having the same size shoe as you is low. However, if you’re lucky enough to be able to share trainers with your partner, we are jealous!

Another unsurprising outcome of this study is jeans being the third least likely item to be taken by a partner. Jeans only received 7% of the votes, showing us that not every item of your wardrobe is appealing to your partner.

Over 64% of Brits are waiting on an ex to return their belongings

Still putting off having the awkward belongings exchange with your ex? You’re not alone! A whopping 25% of Brits are still waiting for their ex to return their hoodie, and 14% of Brits are waiting for their t-shirt post breakup!

Now that you are well informed on which items of clothing are most likely to be a part of the hoodie heist, we hope you keep your enemies close, but your partner’s closet closer…

If you’re waiting for an ex to return your clothes, or have even lost hope of this ever happening, we can confirm you’re not alone. We hope this study helps you pluck up the courage to ask for your favourite hoodie back off your ex – or at least encourage you to hide your hoodies, t-shirts and joggers from your current partner! You can never be too careful.


boohooMAN surveyed 137 Brits and asked them a series of questions around their partners and exes.

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