Lock the door, grab your computer and favourite drink, and get ready to spend some quality time with yourself. Because if you’re anything like the rest of the world, then you’re preparing for spending a lot more time at home. Given the current situation, that’s only to be expected.

You may not be meeting up with friends or flaunting your style at the clubs, but hanging around indoors isn’t an excuse to look sloppy. Those old pyjamas may be comfy, but fashionable? Not so much. There are plenty of other stay-at-home outfit options that will keep you comfortable and still make you look and feel like the stylish guy you are.

Working from home? Rule number one: don’t live in those frumpy sweatpants you probably should’ve tossed out last year. Find yourself some ultramodern and flashy men’s casual wear instead. Even if no one sees it but you, putting on a cool outfit can help motivate and wake you up, so you get more done.

Even if you’re just hanging out watching Netflix, a trendy stay at home outfit is a must. The way we dress can really impact our moods, so throwing on some quality men’s loungewear is going to improve your attitude and add some zing to your life – and these days, we need all the good vibes we can get. And you don’t have to sacrifice style either. Men’s lounge sets, pants, and shorts come in a variety of colours, patterns and styles that are so cool you’re going to wonder why you’ve kept those old pyjamas around so long.

Not sure where to start your search for the best men’s casual wear? We’ve got you. Here’s a list of all the up to date loungewear items to help get you through these crazy times.

What Should Guys Wear at Home? The Best Loungewear for Men

  1. Cool pyjamas
  2. A sweater tracksuit
  3. A lounge set
  4. Fleece joggers
  5. A onesie
  6. A hoodie
  7. A Henley shirt
  8. Jersey shorts

So, what should you be wearing at home? We think anything that combines taste with comfort will show off how stylish you are. Replace that stained sweater and retire those holey jeans – these eight men’s casual wear items are all you’re going to want to wear from now on.

1. Cool Pyjamas

Pyjamas are the ultimate loungewear – but only if you pick the right kind. Automatically upgrade your style by choosing pyjamas that are the perfect size and a luxurious fabric like silk, polyester-satin, and light woven fabrics. Opt-out of slouchy, too-large pieces and go for the fitted silhouette type – much more classic and timeless! There you are – the ultimate combo of fashion and comfort.

Pyjama sets show some great coordination, but at a pinch, a pair of joggers or sweats paired with a cool concert tee works just as well.

2. A Sweater Tracksuit

Versatility is key when it comes to clothing, and there’s nothing more flexible than a tracksuit. Sweatshirt tracksuits offer the best in multi-functional looks; casual yet super cool, comfortable and laid back, all rolled into one effortless style. Sweatshirt tracksuits are a layering essential, so clear out some closet space for this stay at home outfit essential.

what should guys wear at home_the best loungewear for men

3. A Lounge Set

If your aesthetic is classy and sophisticated, then forget pyjamas and start chilling in lounge sets. Roll out of bed and get your day started without missing a beat in a comfortable and insanely cool lounge set. Take your pick of colours and patterns because there’s just no way to go wrong with this wardrobe staple.

4. Fleece Joggers

A pair (or two, or three) of ultra-soft fleece joggers are the athleisure wear you never knew you needed. Nail the sporty look with a pair of joggers that tapers at the leg, giving you a fresh, contemporary feel no matter what else you pair with them. Go casual with a well-fitted t-shirt, sweatshirt and your favourite trainers, or push boundaries with a smart blazer or button-up to achieve the ultimate work-from-home look.

what should guys wear at home_the best loungewear for men

5. A Onesie

Not just for kids anymore, onesies are quickly becoming one of the most popular loungewear pieces for every age. This all-in-one piece is a game-changer when it comes to fashion, so get ready to rock it. Whether you go for a classic neutral like black or grey or show off your style with a colour block or patterned piece, it’s up to you. Feeling really wild? Make a statement with a fun animal onesie.

6. A Hoodie

Is there anything more classic than a hoodie? There’s a reason this style trend is still going strong – hoodies are a fashion saviour. Pair them with sweats, shorts, denim, pyjamas – it doesn’t matter, you’re going to look great. Plain, printed, colour-blocked or patterned, there are loads of options to choose from. Spice up your wardrobe with a few different pieces, and you’ll be all set with a luxe look that doesn’t stop you from spending the day chilling on the couch.

what should guys wear at home_the best loungewear for men

7. A Henley Shirt

LLooking for fashionable yet casual? The Henley shirt is where it’s at. Combine soft cotton, some great cling and eye-catching buttons at the neck, and you have the perfect shirt for every occasion. Comfortable enough to wear while lounging at home, yet vogue enough to wear during that online meeting, Henley shirts are the ultimate versatile wardrobe staple. Pair yours with a sleek vest and slacks or break out the fleece joggers – it’s impossible to go wrong.

8. Jersey Shorts

Show off that sporty, laid-back look with a pair of jersey shorts to keep you comfy while you’re hanging around the house. Beat the heat with a pair of shorts that are ultra-breathable and easy to move in without sacrificing great looksGo bold with bright colours and short hemlines or keep it simple with a knee-length black style. If you’re into the sports-fashion-look and you don’t already have a pair of these, what are you waiting for?

what should guys wear at home_the best loungewear for men

Take-Home Message

Yeah, being stuck inside isn’t the greatest. So why not make the most of it? Fashion waits for no man.

Take this opportunity to revamp your wardrobe with fresh and fashionable men’s loungewear and casual wear that will make your time at home comfortable without making you feel dull and shabby.

A bonus? Your loungewear items will still look great once you’re able to get out of the house. Spend some quality time with your closet for the next few weeks and amaze your friends and family when you emerge with a brand new, vogue appearance that will make you look more modish than ever.



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