As we are all aware, the warm weather is upon us and what a great way to spend the summer months than playing golf? As long as the greens are somewhat dry and you’re wearing the correct attire, you can pretty much play it all year round! boohooMAN’s brand new active range is here to give you some inspo on what you can wear for those weekend matches for the upcoming seasons. Fancy some new gear? Keep reading!

Can I wear whatever I want to play golf? 

The simple answer to this is no. There’s a thing called ‘course etiquette’ when it comes to playing golf, the basic rules are, that you dress smart and jeans are a total no go. Comfort is key when walking round a course for 3+ plus hours but knowing the correct attire is one of the most important rules when playing a game of golf. It can vary between courses but there’s a rule of thumb when it comes to deciding what to wear.

Style Guide

No matter the weather, warm or cool your t-shirt or polo must have a collar. You’re not off for a kick about in the park with your besties so looking smart is a must. You can either wear long or short sleeved tops just as long as the collar is there. The material also plays a huge part in the t-shirts that you choose, steer away from 100% cotton tops in the warmer weather as they’re not great at absorbing and evaporating sweat, where as nylon will act as an absorbent for those hot sunny days on the course.


The colder months have come round quicker than you’d like and all you’ve got are shorts and knee high socks, let’s get you kitted up for winter. When choosing the correct pair of trousers to play in, stay away from jeans or tracksuit bottoms, these are seen as forbidden on the course, especially in the club house. Wearing a pair of trousers that have belt loops will give you that smart effortless look you’re after. Waterproof slacks over a pair of golf trousers are guaranteed to keep you warm, dry and clean during those wet and windy games. ?️ ?️


Whether you’re playing a match or being a caddy for the day, shoes with grips are essential, boots or street footwear are not allowed. If you don’t have the correct golf shoes, with either rubber or plastic studs then running trainers with grips will do but metal studs are impractical as they only thing they’ll do is tear up the course, believe us when we say this, you do not want to be doing that.


What ever the weather, hot or cold, take a jacket. It’s England, one minute you can be playing in the glorious sunshine, next minute it’s thunder and lightning and the last thing you want to be doing is walking back to the club house from the furthest hole in the pouring down rain! A light weight simple jacket (please, no huge branding across the back or the members will have something to say) will do the just the trick!

We think it’s time for the 19th hole, don’t you? ? ?

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