#WhereWeWalk is a transitional campaign that tells the story of transition between what was and what is. Focusing on the enjoyment that can be taken in getting lost in the moment, #WhereWeWalk doesn’t care much for what’s at the end of the road, but instead for the journey itself, the places we see and the memories we create. It’s about escaping the realities of late winter and exploring unknown territories and unexpected climates. It’s about the here & now. It’s about #WhereWeWalk.

Set against the backdrop of Venice Beach, California, the transitional collection focuses on the idea of moving through the seasons, layering up and letting go. The campaign makes use of LA’s vibrant skyline to compliment a collection full of pop colours, graphic prints and monochromatic tones. Staple menswear pieces such as the MA-1 bombersbiker jackets and distressed denim headline a casual collection that’s sure to get you through your pre-spring lull.

You can watch the campaign film in full below.

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TRACK: Felix Snow – Lamb feat. Ro Ransom.


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