Get ready – professional MMA and UFC fighter Jon “Bones” Jones is joining the boohooMAN crew as our freshest brand ambassador. Talented, disciplined, and driven, Jon’s everything a boohooMAN should be. Here’s the lowdown on this fighting superstar.

All you need to know about Jon Jones

Who is Jon Jones?

In the MMA world, Jon has a reputation for being one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. He’s won the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship twice, and he’s the current UFC #1 in pound-for-pound rankings. 

Jon got into fighting back in high school, and he is a state champion wrestler. He’s known for his dynamic fighting style and diverse range of strikes. He has brilliant positional control, and his opponents struggle to get an edge over him.   

While on a break from MMA, he trained as a powerlifter and developed some serious strength. Man is multi-talented. 

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Where is Jon Jones from?

Jon’s from Rochester, New York. Before his MMA career took off, he studied criminal justice at Morrisville State College, but he dropped out to give his fighting career its best shot.  

Jon comes from a deeply religious family, and spirituality is a big thing for him. He has a Bible verse tattooed on his chest – Philippians 4:13 – and his faith got him through some of his toughest challenges. Jon knows what it’s like to struggle, but his drive to succeed never wavers.  

How old is Jon Jones?

Jon’s only 32, and he’s already a legend. Back when he was just 23, he became the youngest UFC champion since the UFC introduced weight classes – impressive considering he only started fighting when he was about 18. He’s dominated the MMA scene since.  

who is jon jones boohooman

Who is Jon Jones’s brother?

Jon’s not the only star in his family. His older brother, Arthur Jones, is a former defensive lineman for top American NFL teams Washington Redskins, Baltimore Ravens, and Indianapolis Colts. Back in 2012, he won the Superbowl 47 with the Ravens, and he played in the NFL for eight seasons. 

His younger brother, Chandler Jones, is hot news, too. He’s an NFL outside linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals, and he’s doing big things for the game. 

Who beat Jon Jones?

No one’s actually outscored or outfought Jon, but he was disqualified in a fight against Mark Hamill back in 2009 for allegedly landing illegal downward elbows during the first round. He’s never been outmatched in the cage, though, and the man’s only getting stronger.



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