A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg have released their new track, Wrong. The two members of the Harlem collective A$AP Mob, dropped a sick one this week, with a heavy video to back it up.

Wrong is basically a confessional. Rocky and Ferg are seen in the video dressed all in white, surrounded by and array of women, also all draped in white.

The two are confessing, in what looks like an old chapel, of all the mistakes they made in their past relationships. Ferg says: “Sometimes I take advantage just ’cause I’m a star, I know it’s wrong so I’m on my knees prayin’ to God”. Followed by Rocky: “Father please forgive us, couldn’t sell the difference and it’s on me, I don’t need to seek attention just to keep these women on me”.

We love how Rocky and Ferg found a way to keep to their roots of music and express themselves in which would normally be an R&B ballad. Instead, they’ve kept to their hip hop vibes and still come out with a crazy good track that actually means something.

Check out the music video below:

Words by @zigournie.


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