Sheffield up and coming rap star Rickyleupnext stopped for a quick chat! Stream his newest release ‘Till I Die’ with Deep Green now!

Hi Rickyleupnext thanks for taking the time out of your day to chat to boohooMAN! How are you keeping up? 

What’s good guys, I’m fine thank you, just keeping busy in the studio you know how it gets. 

Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and the music you produce?

I’d say I’m a very outgoing, family oriented, motivational, career driven person; You’ll be able to hear and see this though my music. It’s reality music, I rap about what’s going on in my life with a singy melody which I consider to be very different. 

Who/what inspired you to get into music?

When I was little I remember my older brother and cousin were in a popular grime/rap group in Sheffield at the time called Regimentz. It amazed me and made me try to rap like them, my cousin helped me with my first ever rap which I still remember till this day haha. 

From a young age did you always know you’d have a career in music? Has it always been a dream of yours?

No not really, my first dream was to become a professional basketball player. I was playing for the country and my city in my early teen stages and then towards the end of my teenage years things wasn’t going to plan so I fell back on my other talent which was music. 

Since the pandemic started, how has it affected your career? Has it given you more down time to focus solely on your music?

Most definitely I’d say it has given me more time to focus on my music and myself as a person, I’ve still been releasing consistently throughout the pandemic and I feel like it has helped me more because people have been paying attention since everything has been put on pause.  

When performing on a stage, what would you say our ‘go-to’ outfit would be?

If I give you that one everyone’s gonna be looking like me haha, just know it’s something drippy 100% 

We know that you’re from Sheffield, do you aspire to move further afield one day? Or will Yorkshire always be the place to be! 

I want to be a global superstar, I want my name to be known world wide. So when that happens, wherever it takes me I’ll be there but Sheffield will always be the forefront of me. I can’t wait to put it on the map!!! 

Your most recent collaboration, ‘Till I Die’ with Deep Green, could you give us some info about this track? How did it come about?

I was sat in Kdmadeit’s home studio, he was going through some beats and I remember he skipped past the ‘till I die’ instrumental and I was going crazy telling him to go back and that that was the one. I wrapped up the hook in like 10 minutes & later that day I sent it to Deep Green within a couple days the full song was made. 

We’re aware that you played some basketball in your time, do you see basketball making an appearance in your career again?

If the NBA holla me for the celebrity all star game then yeah 100% haha.

Can we expect exciting things from you in 2021/22? 

Yeah I’ve got a lot up my sleeve, I’ve only just been getting started things are about to get crazy. 

Let’s play this or that! 

Eating out or takeaway?  Eat out (Both) 

Dog or cat? Dog 

Netflix or Youtube? Youtube (both) 

Ice cream or ice lolly? Ice cream

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