Ashers’ brand new single Midnight Masquerade is out now (check out the single HERE). The American singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor stopped for a quick catch up, find out what inspired him to create music!

Hi Asher, thank you for taking the time out of your day to speak to us! How are you?

I’m Great – thank you so much for having me…

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself and the music you produce etc, for the few that may not have heard of you?

I’ve been in the industry for as long as I can remember that sometimes its tough to wrap it all up in just a few sentences. I started on Broadway when I was young, was signed to Warner by the time I was 18 in a group called V factory. I starred in the movie Fame and I’ve been doing my solo project for the last number of years. I’ve worked with an eclectic group of artists ranging from Ryan Tedder, Chris Brown, James Fauntleroy and Walter Afanasieff. I have produced my own tracks in the past and worked with some heavy hitter producers. collaborations are a lot of fun and I enjoy infusing what I can offer with other talents.

What’s your go-to outfit on a chilled day?

BlueSalt Sweats are now my daily uniform. Run by my wonderful friend Lyndie Benson, it’s the softest material I know and it’s just so comfortable to wear that I only wear other things when I have to. It’s like the yeezy footwear …once I put those shoes on my feet my entire shoe collection was redundant.

Could you tell us a bit more about your upcoming album, ‘Windows of Time’?

‘Windows of Time’ is my passion project. I wasn’t trying to fit into any format or try to sound radio friendly, I just wanted to write and co-produce the best sounding songs. Working with Walter also gave me a chance to elevate my game. Each song tells such a unique story, which collectively all sounding a bit differenct, yet cohesive. It’s like timeless movie score.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time, do you wish to still be producing music?

I see myself writing and performing with the generations best singers and performers of our time, and classic figures of the past. Age will always be just a number to me, I’m all about self-preservation and keeping the mind young and nimble. In 10 years’ time knowing me, I’ll probably be portraying some famous iconic character in a movie or my own show on Broadway or West End that I wrote and directed. What we envision if we believe can always come true. We should never doubt ourselves.

We’re aware that you did a bit of acting when you were younger, do you still act or is music your main focus?

Right now, music is my main focus, but acting will always be in my future.

Your latest release is called ‘Midnight Masquerade’. What inspired this song?

It’s a combination of the dark side of what we see in public political figures and relating that to what we see in ourselves that we don’t like. Some people accept the carnage and keep trucking, while others dig deep within and overcome their demons with a spark of light.  

What inspired you to get into music?

I think it was my god given gift to share my music with the world, at least that’s how I see it. We are all gifted with something and it’s up to us, depending on how much work we put in, on how much we get out. Life is all about sharing our gifts with each other and constantly developing, maturing and changing for the better.  

If you could perform with any music artist dead or alive, who would it be?

If I could perform with any artist who has already passed it would be Freddy Mercury and any artist alive – Elton John. 

To date, what’s your favourite single that you have released and why?

That’s a tough one but ‘Midnight Masquerade’ has to be my favourite, probably because the journey was so intense to conceive it and get the song over the finished line. It has more sentimental value than most of my other songs. 

How would you describe your sense of style?

Comfortably modern chic, if that is such a thing. Mostly everything I wear is either expensive or looks expensive but is super comfortable without trying too hard

Asher Monroe
Quick fire Questions! 

Sweet or savoury?


Twitter or Instagram?


Night out or night in?

Night in  

The first-ever gig you went to?

First ever gig I was invited to was a Rolling Stones concert.

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