We caught up with DJ Brooks who has combined forces with David Queta & Loote to talk about all things, music, holiday, festivals & more.

How did you get into music?

I first started when I was 14 years old. I played music with my cousin at family birthdays and started to experiment with DJ’ing in their basement.

Name three artists on your playlist growing up?




Your favourite album of all time?

Post Malone – Stoney

Your guilty pleasure track?

Junior Senior – Move Your Feet

What was your best moment of 2018?

Playing Tomorrowland

What has been your career highlight to date?

Playing Like I Do in Portugal at RFM Somni for 60.000 people

Who, where and when has been your favourite ever gig?

World Club Dome with Martin Garrix. This was my first gig on a big stage and it was amazing!

How excited are you for festival season?

Very Excited, we have so much cool shows planned. I can’t wait to try out new music and meet so many new people!

What’s the best thing about festival season?

Meeting so many supporters and new people, also having the chance to play new music and see the crowd reaction.

The best thing that’s happened to you at a festival?

Going on stage at Tomorrowland 2018 together with David Guetta and premiering our track Better When You’re Gone.

What are your festival essentials?

USB’s, money, headphones, some friends, a cap and flip flops, always have a pair of flip flops on you.

If you could headline any festival, which would it be?

It’s still a dream to perform on the mainstage at Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland and EDC Vegas.

What’s your festival outfit?

Always a cap, T-Shirt, comfortable pants, sneakers and a jacket. Most of the time I bring backup t-shirts as well.

What festivals are you playing this year?

I think the big ones to remember are Ultra Music Festival, Parookaville and Tomorrowland.

Have you got any holidays planned?

Not at this moment, just very focused on the festival season.

Your favourite holiday destination?

Bali, Indonesia. Last year I went together with some friends. It was very relaxing and cool to see a different culture and the beautiful nature.

Have you got any new music out at the moment?

My new track ‘Better When You’re Gone’ together with David Guetta and Loote!

Where can we see you playing next?

Parookaville and Tomorrowland are the most exciting.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

Releasing new music and playing top festivals worldwide.


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