With his brand new album, The Ringmaster now available on all platforms (check it out here: https://bmt.ffm.to/trmrow), we caught up with super talented Dutch producer Bakermat to find out the latest.

For those readers who may not have heard about you, can you explain a little bit about yourself?  

I’m a Dutch producer known for the eclectic feel-good music that I create. I love combining genres that are usually not combined. As an artist I don’t stick to one style, and I always try to release something that’s different that what I’ve done previously.

Where did the name ‘Bakermat’ come from?  

It’s quite an old Dutch word that means “source”, and I chose it because I love the way it sounds. There’s not really a meaning behind it though.

We’ve heard about your latest project ‘The Ringmaster’, could you tell us a little bit about this and your inspiration behind it?  

I never really released an actual album before, and I thought it was the right time. So, I started working on these songs because I had more free time due to my tours and shows being cancelled because of COVID. Personally, I don’t like it if an album consists of tracks that all sound the same. I love diverse and surprising albums, so I decided mine had to become an adventure for the listener. That’s exactly what it has become, I hope, because of the wide range of styles, tempo’s and vibes. 

Regarding your song ‘Baiana’, how do you feel about surpassing 100 million streams?  

It’s unreal that a song I made in my tiny studio has reached this big of an audience! I hope the track had a positive effect on people’s lives. I feel lucky and honoured!

‘Baiana’ is also being featured in the new EA Fifa 21, did you ever expect your career to present opportunities like this?  

I have been playing FIFA since I was a kid, I always loved the soundtrack. To be part of it this year is something I never dared to dream, and I feel it gives me and my career some more recognition. I never thought I’d make it this far. I’m even to this day still surprised I can make a living just doing this. 

What is the reasoning behind the animated music videos that you’re creating for the record?

I don’t like standing in front of camera’s myself, but I still wanted to make videos that are consistent and drew people’s attention, so I created this alter ego in the form of animated dog “Matt Baker”. The great thing about animation is that the opportunities are endless. Every video is the result of pure fantasy.

Can you tell us more about ‘Bakermat’s Circus’? And can boohooMAN come to the next one?  

Haha you’re more than welcome! Bakermat’s circus is a concept where music meets performance. I play these shows with live musicians, dancers, fire throwers etc, to give people the highest possible form of entertainment while they enjoy the music. I always invite artists that I really love to play alongside me. The theme is just so cool, with a massive tent and all these elements.

How have the current circumstances affected your career? 

I really have to get used to not being on the road constantly and not playing at the moment. I think any artist needs to play in front of a crowd in order to really feel the effect of their music, so missing out on that is not nice. I do think that this has a good effect on my health, it’s like a forced sabbatical and I suddenly had loads of time in the studio. I have time to experiment again, so I think this will affect my career positively in the long run! 

What’s the most memorable moment of your career?  

That’s quite a hard question! I think it’s performing in the Olympia in Paris, where all of my musical heroes have performed in the past. It’s a legendary venue, only a handful of artists get the chance of playing there. I invited my family to watch the sold-out show, and then the entire crowd was singing along. I turned off the music and listened to just the crowd collectively singing my record. Magical!

Who inspired you in the music industry when you were younger?  

I’ve always been a huge fan of Calvin Harris. From the time he did electro music until now when he’s doing funk and dance stuff. He’s always innovative and original. He’s also never afraid to experiment.

Who is your dream collab?  

I’d love to make a record with D’Angelo. He’s so freaking great. I’d love to just jam with him in the studio. 

Going to talk about clothing now, how would you describe your style?  

I’d say it’s quite simple, with lots of natural colours. I think green looks good on me, and black too. My day to day is all black clothes, black jeans and a black t shirt. Whenever I go for dinner or to a museum or something I like to dress up more. I think you can show respect by how you dress. 

If you were going to do a collaboration with boohooMAN, what kind of designs would you go for?  

I would go for t shirts with really cool colours, but I’d definitely keep it simple. I think with t shirts, the fit is really important so I’d place a real emphasis on fit.

What can we expect from ‘Bakermat’ for the rest of 2020, leading into the New Year?

As well as the album, which dropped yesterday, I’ll be working on lots of exciting new music and visuals! I don’t think I’m going to be playing any shows at the moment due to the current global situation, but I’m looking forward to getting back out there and seeing the crowds again.


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