We had a chat with famous turkish DJ and producer Mahmut Orhan to catch up on all things music, life and advice for aspiring DJs.

Your track ‘Age of emotions’ was your first track to gain a place in the top 15 Nu Disco section of the Beatport Charts. Did you expect this track to become such an international success?

No I didn’t actually expect it. It was one of the first tracks that I had ever made. The national success made me very happy but the international success was the most welcome surprise.

What do you expect from the crowd when you’re performing?

I want them to be in the moment; dancing and experiencing the musical journey that I put them in.

Have you hoped for a career in music or did you have other plans?

I always wanted to have a musical career and always wanted to make the world listen to my music. I started to work for my dream when I was 16.

On you last Instagram post you hinted at some more music coming soon, can you give us any clues into what we can expect?

Yes, I have some original tracks coming up. I have collaborated with KSHMR, Sofi & Tukker and Thomas Newson. All of them are going to be released soon.

Any plans to venture into other music genres?

Everything is possible. I’m more into Deep House but I don’t stick to just one genre. It’s important for me to experiment with new styles and sounds and combine them with my own style.

What do you love electronic music compared to other genres?

Electronic music has always been my favourite genre to listen to. It’s so special to me because I find myself in it.

How would you describe your style?

Energetic, emotional and mystical.

Three favourite artists?

Don Diablo, Calvin Harris and Martin Garrix

Least favourite genre?

Big Room.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2019?

I’m going to the military service for 20 days. In 2019, I worked so hard and I believe that it was productive year for me. So, I will have some time off when I’m back from the army. Plus, I’m going Amsterdam in October for ADE.

Aside from music, are there any other hobbies/interests you have that your fans may not know about?

Playing computer games, jogging in the forest with my dog and driving are some of my hobbies.

What was the inspiration behind your popular track, 6 days?

I evolved the feeling that I got from the impressive story of the song to my music and created my own version. I’m so happy with the international success.

Are you more of a planner or someone who goes with the flow? Is this reflected in how you create new music?

I’m a planner in my daily life but when it comes to music I always go with the flow.

Favourite TV Series/ Film?

My favourite TV series are Chernobyl and Dark. My favourite movie is Interstellar.

Favourite country to visit?

Netherlands and Spain are some of my favourite countries to visit.

What’s your favourite meal?

I love seafood.

Love or Money?

Love, for sure.

Text message or call?

Text message.

Horror film or Comedy?

Horror film.

What are your favourite memories of growing up in Bursa, Turkey?

I was working for an audio visual equipment supplier in Bursa. We went to a wedding for work and they offered me the chance to play since the DJ didn’t show up. I was 16 and that was the first performance of my life.

Describe your personality in three words?

Funny, hard working and honest.

Any advice for aspiring DJ’s?

Never stop dreaming, always believe in yourself and keep working hard. Put you heart and soul into your music.


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