ManyFew’s brand new single Locked in your heart is out now (check out the single HERE). The studio-based duo stopped for a quick catch up!

Hi to both of you! Thank you for taking the time to have a quick chat with us today. How are you both doing?

Hey Boohoo Man,
We’re both good thanks. Spending lots of time in the studio preparing for upcoming releases. Our next single will be out now in April.

Could you please tell us a bit about yourselves and the music that you create for people that may not of heard of you?

We love to see things from a positive point of view and we absolutely love to produce uplifting beats and share those vibes with dance music lovers around the globe. We love going on adventures, to travel, to be creative, cooking and running. 

What inspired you both to start creating music?

As long as we can remember we have always been fascinated by dance music and DJing. We were inspired by our uncle who was a DJ around Sweden and we were always very interested in his record bag. We started recording our own mix tapes on cassette and CDs and later on started producing music. We uploaded them on SoundCloud and received good feedback. At that time we were still DJing at local night clubs, but we decided to put all our time and effort into making music. 

What is your go-to style when performing?

We want to make our DJ sets as energetic as possible. For us it’s important that the show is like a journey and we’re blending lots of uplifting piano with tech-house and progessive house as well. To see fans sing along to our music when performing live is a huge inspiration, which makes us want to share as much positive energy as possible 🙂

Your latest release ‘Clouds’, how did that come about? Were there any inspirations?

Sampling is a big part of our production process. We found a short track we’d made a few years ago on our computer and we felt that it has great potential, but we needed to develop it a bit. Based on that track, we started to improve it to a more disco sounding track. We grabbed inspiration from old disco records that we have as vinyls.

Dead or alive, who would you love to produce music for the most and why?

Luther Vandross, he’s a huge inspiration both production-wise and as a singer. Alicia Keys, we love her powerful voice and her piano melodies. 

Where has been your favourite venue to perform? 

Ibiza Rocks is such a cool place to perform at with lots of crazy and fun people. We love the summer so it’s an extra special feeling to perform at pool parties. We also love to perform at clubs and festivals. We really enjoyed performing at the latest ‘Ministry Of Sound – The Weekender’. Can’t wait to be back on the road soon and see you all on a dance floor somewhere around the globe! 

Where do you both see yourselves in 5 years’ time?

In 5 years from now we will be performing at the biggest festivals around the globe 😀 We will have released an album with some big collabs onboard and we have expanded our radio show ‘Electronic Heaven’ even more. Also doing a ‘Electronic Heaven by ManyFew tour around the world with special guests performing. 

How would you describe each other’s sense of style?

We have the same taste of music so we have a very similar style when it comes to dance music. We really like listening to what’s on the radio as well, pop, rnb and Hiphop. Jacob really likes the old acid house stuff while Victor is a huge fan of the synth sounds from the 80s. 

Quick fire questions!  

Cats or dogs?

Smart or casual?

Sweet or savoury?

The book or the film?
The film

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