We caught up with DJ Nathan Dawe ahead of his boohooMAN Instagram takeover at Ushuaia 5th September to talk about his new single release, festivals, Ibiza & much more.

How did you first get into music?

I first got into music at a young age, just self-teaching myself how to DJ. None of my family were really DJ’s, so I didn’t really have an influence there. I used to just watch DJ’s at family parties and watch DJ’s on TV, and that’s where I find my love for it. Then I self-taught myself from a young age.

When was the pinnacle moment you know you could make a career as a DJ?

When I was probably, kind of 14. I was doing all my school discos, then I started doing my mates discos and getting a bit of money for it. And then when I go to like 15/16, I started doing local pubs in my area and they were chucking me a bit of money. I thought you know, I could give it a good go to make it a full time career.

Name three artists you had on repeat when you were younger…

Good question! Ja Rule, Drake and Akon.

Name three artists you have on repeat right now…

Ooh, it’s all the new UK rap stuff, and they bring new stuff out every day really so it changes very regularly. But I’d say at the minute, probably Not3s, MK and the third one, probably Drake still yeah.

You’ve just released your new single Cheatin’. Why should people go and listen to it?

It’s a very good song, we’ve put a lot of hard work into it, it’s a really catchy summer remake of a classic, and I think we’ve done a good job.

Have you played it live yet? If so, how was the reaction?

I’ve been playing Cheatin’ for the last year in my sets, without telling people it was actually mine, so I could get a true reaction. Then I’d go back and change bits that I thought didn’t work and keep the bits that did work and then we officially announced that it was mine. I announced that about 2-3 months before release date. I’ve been dropping in my sets for the last year really. The reactions have been great every time, we’ve played it at some amazing clubs like Ushuaia and massive festivals like We Are, we’ve got Creamfields coming up, so it’s been quite good.

If you could collaborate with one other artist past or present, who would it be?

Erm, good question… I don’t know really, there’s loads of people I want to collaborate with. Chip, always been a fan of his work and love his work rate and longevity in the game.

What’s your favourite thing about playing festivals?

Obviously the size of the crowds, and the feeling you get when you can hear it being sang back to you. But yeah just playing in front of a big crowd.


You’ve been playing at Disturbing Ibiza this year. Why should people come and check out the show if they’re in Ibiza?

Coz it’s at Ushuaia, which is the second best club in the world, like voted. And you need to come and see it for yourself and realise how amazing it is. The whole setting and the whole day, and the whole event. And the level of music that actually gets booked for it, is it just something that you want.

How do you get hyped up before you go on stage in Ibiza?

I just chill out, I’m not really a hype guy, so I kind of chill out. Put some music on in the back room, the green room and just get relaxed and get my head in the game. Think what I’m going to start my set with, and just relax and chill.

Can you sum up Ibiza in three words?

Ibiza um…. Magical, Insomnia (you don’t sleep!) and unbelievable.

Words of advice for those wanting to make a career in music?

You’ve got to work, work, work…never give up, don’t take no for an answer and you need to be original, try and do something outside the box, not just follow the trends.

Make sure you check out Nathan’s new track here. Don’t forget to tune into our Instagram stories on the 5th of September for an AAA experience for Disturbed Ibiza.


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