We had a chat with the legendary DJ Skepsis to catch up on all things music, life and the future, ahead of his feature alongside Serum at Switch in Southampton.

What was your summer like this year?

So crazy! Literally been travelling all over the world playing festivals and clubs, couldn’t ask for much more if I’m honest. Summer is always a highlight for me.

Favourite place to DJ?

Very hard question, but my favourite club I’ve played at is probably Printworks in London – it’s absolutely insane. Back there in November and I can’t wait! Honourable mentions go to Amnesia in Ibiza and Boomtown festival, which has some of the maddest stages I’ve ever seen.

Did you imagine getting this far when you first started DJing?

That’s a hard one to answer! I always used to look up to djs when I was young, they inspired me a lot and I thought how mad it would be to be up there performing. I’ve always just worked at this purely for the fact that I love it, as I think sometimes people can do it for the wrong reasons. Definitely feel blessed to be at this stage but I hope there’s still more to come!

How did your first ever DJ set go?

Technically my first ever set was at my schools parents evening when I was 14, I was gassed about that! But my first set in a club was when I was 18, my mate’s event in London. I was so scared and I didn’t even fully know how the decks worked – luckily it went down alright on the end!

Best DJ you’ve worked with?

I’ve done a few collabs in my time, and it’s always cool to learn something new from the other person. I’m currently working on something with Flava D, which is sick as she’s been one of my inspirations since I’ve started! Set wise, doing a back to back with my nu leng at hideout festival last year was a career highlight for me.

What your best moment of the year so far?

Off the top of my head… NASS festival was amazing. 6000 people in a tent absolutely having it! Playing at coachella in California was a very surreal experience too. Also completing my second tour and playing in Australia again was cool! In general I try and appreciate every moment for what it is.

What has been your career highlight so far?

There’s a few different things… working with my idols, playing at Coachella, touring America for 2 months and also Australia twice, Ibiza residency, and loads more! I feel very blessed to be in the position I’m in and look forwards to what’s to come.

Do you have any plans to go on holiday and not work this year?

I actually just got back from Zante on a chilling holiday which was really nice, time away is vital to rest and recharge – especially in this industry! I also went to Portugal for a week with my friends in August which was good.

Have you got any new music out at the moment?

My last single Rush came out earlier this year, and I have lots more music on the way. Admittedly it’s hard to be in the studio when you’re touring all the time, but I can’t wait to get back in and finish some of the bits I’ve been working on this autumn. Expect more fire!

Who is your inspiration when it comes to making music?

For me, i used to love skrillex when I was starting out at 14/15 years old. I used to rewatch his tour and music videos over and over again in the music studios at my school. After that when I got into my sound more seriously, I’d say it was probably My Nu Leng who got me the most interested in this bassy sound around 2013.

Favourite film?

Inside Man. Stars Denzel Washington and is very underrated!

Favourite TV series?

Office or Peep show for rewatch value, also really enjoyed the bodyguard on bbc. Just finished top boy which I love too!

Drink of choice on a night out?

Grey goose and lemonade.

Describe your fashion style?

Streetwear meets high end!

What’s your festival outfit?

For festivals I often wear older clothes due to the likelihood of them getting dirty! All over print t shirts usually get me going as well as black trainers.

Who is the most famous person to DM you?

Probably Example, but have also been tweeted by Diplo before. He’s played my music which is mad!

One meal for the rest of your life?


Guilty pleasure song?

Boogie Pimps – Somebody to love

What’s the best part of being a DJ?

Definitely the fan love. Makes everything so worth it! Couldn’t do it without you lot.

What are you looking forward to most in 2020?

More tunes, more shows and more life!


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