Zight’s brand new single ‘Fly Away’ is now available on all platforms (check out the single HERE). The Hong Kong DJ Artist stopped for a quick catch up, find out what he’s got planned for 2021!

To start off, thank you for taking the time out and chatting with us today! How are you?

It is a real pleasure meeting you guys. I’m doing great. 100% focused on music production, thanks to social lockdown in Hong Kong. 😛

Could you give us a bit of background info about yourself and the music that you produce?

I occasionally hear unknown melodies popping out from my head, which the doctor named it “Synesthesia”, one’s emotions convert into melodies in his mind.“Fly Away” is a piece of melody that has been in my mind for 11 years now.

I can’t remember exactly how I recorded “You gonna be okay, you gotta fly gotta fly away” in my mp3 player. Guess it was the dream of the kid, who just wanted to fly away.

You recently released ‘Fly Away’ with Sonna. How did this collaboration come about?

It was another long journey. I finished “Fly Away” in October last year. And then I tried to contact many singers on the internet. One day Sonna Rele replied me. I remember her voice in “Strong”, the theme song of Disney’s “Cinderella” remake, so sweet yet so much strength. At that moment I knew she is the singer who I had been looking for.

What is the meaning behind the latest release?

“Fly Away” is a song written for all dreamers. During the very long journey to pursue our dreams, some of us may feel lost. We never know how many obstacles we have to get through, or how long it will take. Just like the story of the music video – never give up, you’ll eventually make it. This is what I want to tell the world with my music.

Could you tell us your biggest influencers in the music industry?

Zedd, Matrix Garrix, David Guetta, Calvin Harris and many other big room, electro house music producers.

Could you tell us abit more about your upcoming single ‘Keep Running’?

“Keep Running”, a song for all runners, collaborating with male cover singer Peter Forest. I have strong faith that the pandemic is going to end very soon. I do hope that “Keep Running” will bring some positive and energetic vibe to the post-pandemic new bright world.

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

I am producing music at the pace of 3-4 songs a year. Hopefully, in 5 years, I will release an album with extremely positive vibes, to motivate, to inspire people. 

How would you describe your sense of style?

Being a producer who makes noisy electronic music (noisy, that’s what some people describe as my music haha). The fact is, minimal abstract is my primary favourite. I like purity. I do not like complexity. I hate clothes with vivid patterns or graphics. My opinion is, colour is the most effective, most intuitive way to deliver your emotions, to deliver your thoughts, your identity.

With 2020 being a tricky year for us all, what do you have upcoming in 2021? 

Besides “Keep Running”, I am in the process of producing anoher song about a young romance. 

Zight, we’re aware that from a young age you were diagnosed with Synesthesia, how did this impact your music?

It is an interesting question. The very primary “impact” is that I don’t “write” music, because these melodies just slipped out from my head for no reason. Sometimes, I just feel like these melodies are pieces of my soul, pieces that represent my feelings at that very moment. In most cases these melodies are pretty boring and ugly, and not very original. But when you hear something beautiful and fresh, you gotta grab your mobile in 2 seconds and record that in voice-memo before you forget it.  I constantly hear nice melodies now for sure, but not as good as what I heard when I was a kid. I guess innocence is the source of a truly beautiful melody.

Let’s do some quick fire questions!

1.Cat’s or dogs?


2.Sweet or Savoury?


3.Favourite time of year?

Winter (in Hong Kong)

4.Comfy and casual or suited and booted?

Comfy and casual

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