You’ve just released your latest collaboration track with Dragonette, Awake. Can you tell us about the inspiration and the meaning behind the song?

Yes! I composed this really heartfelt instrumental that my manager passed on to Dragonette’s manager. She wrote a beautiful melody that we all fell in love with, and from there the collab just happened. To me, the song is about rising up again after a defeat.

Describe your sound?

I always find it really hard describing my sound, haha! But I’m actually switching up my sound a bit at the moment, so after summer there will be a lot of new stuff that’s unlike songs I’ve done previously. But they’ll still be danceable, moody and good songs. So watch out for that!

Who influences you musically?

A lot of different artists! I’ve been listening a lot to people like Bon Iver, HONNE and Simon & Garfunkel. I get inspired by everything – from film scores to hip hop.

When did you first realize you could make a career in music?

To be honest I haven’t really realised it yet.. It’s kinda weird but I really don’t look at it as a career right now. It’s more just something that I do because I really like it, and it has just happened naturally over the years.

What do you most enjoy about being a musician?

Getting to be my own boss, so that I can do what I want, when I want. That’s a huge privilege to me!

It’s clear you a fan of collaberating with female artists, but if you could collaborate with one other artist in the world, past or present, who would it be?

I’m a big fan of all types of collaborations! But yes, there have been a lot of female collabs recently. Maybe someone like Lana Del Rey or Bon Iver.

Where is the most memorable venue you’ve ever played?

I think it must be when I joined Kygo on his European tour. We played in a old tank factory!

What is the most memorable performance you’ve ever seen?

I’ve seen a lot of great shows, but I remember like five years ago I went to see Rudimental at a festival in Norway. I was just expecting a DJ set, and had no idea at the time that they performed with a full band and different singers. It was such a great performance!

What’s your favourite song at the moment?

I’m actually listening to ‘Malibu’ by Miley Cyrus a lot at the moment. I think it’s a great song!

Who’s your favourite artist at the moment?

Hmm.. I think I would have to say Bon Iver.

Are you going to any music festivals this year? Playing or attending? 

I’m both playing and attending different festivals in Norway this summer. I’ll be playing Stavernfestivalen, Pstereo, Finding and Utopia ++

What does a typical day in the life of Sonny Alven look like when you’re not creating music?

I like to hang out with friends, either just chilling, partying or going out to skateboard or doing some random stuff. It’s always fun!

Drink of choice on a night out?

I’m not very picky when it comes to drinking, so a lot of times it would just be something like a beer or vodka & Red Bull.

Favourite film?

It might have to be Inception. Really hard to pick just one!

Describe yourself in three words?

That’s a hard one! Kind, impatient, nerdy, haha.

Who’s your biggest style & fashion inspiration?

I don’t have one inspiration in particular, I get inspired by a lot of different stuff. I really like the old greaser kinda style, leather and denim jackets and such.

Give us your best chat up line?

I can’t share my best tips here, then everybody will use them! Hahah

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to make a career in music? 

I think it’s all about working hard and doing what you love. Don’t jump on every music genre that’s popular, but rather make the music you love and then you’ll find your own thing.

Check out Sonny’s new track below:


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