Born and raised in London, Bluey is no stranger to the dance music industry. Over the years he’s played at world-renowned clubs including Ministry Of Sound & Fabric, building his reputation as a DJ as well as a producer. Having fine-tuned his sound, Bluey has teamed up with the likes of Fuse ODG, Fatman Scoop, Ben Verse (Pendulum) & Christina Milian on tour and across productions, as well as travelling the globe as a warm up act for Akon. We caught up with our new found blue-haired friend to see what makes him tick.

Where did it all start for you with making music?

It all started on a program called Cubase at the tender age of 13, after followed by a birthday present six months later from my parents – a replica Fender guitar with six months of lessons!

We know you’ve worked with Akon in the past; is there anybody else that you’ve been working with recently?

Recently I’ve collaborated with Fuse ODG, Fatman Scoop, Eugy, Shatta Walle, & Mindshake on various singles for different territories around the globe. Exciting times!

Who are you listening to right now?

I’m really enjoying listening to Black Coffee at the moment! I am really feeling the Afro House Vibe at right now.

What made you choose to rework ‘U Sure Do’ for your debut single? Was it an easy track to work with?

I chose to remake it after a euphoric moment in Ibiza at a party with Hannah Wants. She dropped it in her set and it blew everyone’s minds! However, I felt it required a heavier drop, hence the remake. The track was difficult adjust, re-creating the piano chords combined with the synth to get to a similar sounding powerful chorus melody literally took days! The rest was a breeze though, haha!

How was being a Londoner affected your music?

I think being a Londoner has made my music taste very eclectic. Living in such a multicultural city and meeting people from all over the globe, you get constantly educated on different styles of music.

Who influences you musically?

Nobody currently influences me but growing up I musically influenced by MJ, Jungle Brothers, Prince, Daft Punk, James Brown and Steve Wonder.

Do they have an influence on your style too?

I would say the above do not influence my style but more my frame of mind.

What’s the story behind the blue hair? Can you ever see yourself changing it?

Blue is my favourite colour… I dont think my favourite colour will ever change so you can expect blue hair indefinitely!

Trainers or shoes?

Trainers trainers trainers! Occasionally shoes, haha.

So how would you describe your style?

Boisterously relaxed.

What’s your go-to gig outfit?

Anything from Rabbit Hole. I feel like the brand was made for me.

What’s the one piece you can’t take off?

My Hugo Boss boxer shorts! Pure comfort haha.

Where can we see play you over the next few months?

Over the next few months I will be performing in Australia, Spain, France, Oman, Accra, but if you’re in London, catch me at The Box in Soho or Crank It London!

You can listen to Bluey’s latest single, ‘U Sure Do’ feat. Soulest here. You can also follow him on FacebookTwitterInstagram & Soundcloud.


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