On the 15th September, Muhammad Ali will step into the ring for his first professional fight as the first diabetic boxer in the UK to be granted a professional license by the BBBOC (The British Boxing Board of Control). Ali’s application to the BBBOC for a professional boxers licence made in 2015 had originally been rejected, however after lengthy deliberations, the BBBOC issued Ali with a professional licence in May of this year.

“I’ve been fighting for my career since 2015. It’s taken two and a half years for it to be resolved and I respect
the British Boxing Board of Control for granting me the license” Ali told M.E.N Sport.

boohooMAN will be the first fashion brand to sponsor Ali. ‘‘As a brand we are proud to welcome Muhammad Ali to the family. This is a massive step in the right direction in the world of boxing and we are happy to bring awareness to cause to help open the door for future diabetic aspiring boxers’’ comments Jonny Eckersley at boohooMAN.

Win or lose Ali will make history during his debut fight and will continue to work closely with Diabetes UK as an ambassador to promote the cause. The fight will be taking place at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester on 15th September.


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