The diss is strong with this one! Nicki Minaj strikes again with more shots fired at Remy May, on a new collaboration track with Lil Wayne and producer David Guetta. It’s the third time superstar DJ and Nicki have teamed up and she doesn’t hold back with witty lyrics, blatantly directed towards her nemesis: “Know she’ll never be queen so she got a vendetta, I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout David when I say I’ma Guetta”… Subtle right?

Personal disputes aside, the track has everything you expect from the talented trio; bad bi**h rap verses and melodic interludes from Minaj, the standard sexual references from Lil Wayne and a banging drop courtesy of David Guetta.

Overall, it’s a great tune with some cleverly crafted lyrics. We expect it to make a dint in the charts, like every other David Guetta release, and to be blasting out of speakers in clubs across the globe!

Check out the music video below:


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