Finding your ideal training partner is like finding a partner for life. I mean, you’re going to see each other 4/5 days a week, piss each other off and you’re guaranteed to see each other naked at some point. Nudity aside, choosing your training partner is vital for your fitness ambition. So here’s a few tips on how to pick your perfect swolemate.

They need to have the same training goals.

Training with someone week in week out who has an opposing view on their fitness goals will impact the progress both of you will make in your regime. You need to have the same finishing goals so you can combine your training program as this will also correlate with your diet, training times and rest days. Working out with someone who is aiming to bulk up will have an entirely different plan to those wanting to shred for summer. Focus on achieving the same goal, whether this be cutting, bulking, improving your stamina, strength training or personal goals and you’ll both benefit.

Isn’t a phone fidget.

There is nothing worse than training with someone who has their head in their phone between sets. What are you meant to do when you need a spot and your mate is too busy swiping right on tinder, or checking his Instagram feed? You’re going to drop that weight my friend. In all seriousness, both of you leave the phone at home or in the locker! You’re there to train, not text.

Isn’t scared to shout.

In the word of the great Dwayne Johnson… “FOCUS!” That’s right, having your training partner shout at you while you’re struggling with your last rep will be the difference of sticking with the same weight or reaching a new personal best. Sure people might look over, but guaranteed you’ll see other pairs screaming and shouting at each other.


“Ahhh sorry mate I can’t make it today”. Not what you want to hear from your fitness other half, it feels like getting stabbed in the back. Sure, if they can’t make it with valid reason, skipping the gym is acceptable, but a reoccurring excuse giver is not an ideal training partner. You want to be confident your gym buddy will be there at the same time on your training day ready to hit the weights.

Does’t get Jealous.

It’s likely that you will be stronger than your training partner on some body parts, and weaker on others. Don’t use that as an excuse to go half arsed or give up, or on the other hand show off. Use it as motivation to achieve the same weight, or be a mentor helping them reach heavier weights progressively.


Yes, you will talk in the gym. Not enough to make it a social club but you will talk about other topics than getting your six pack, or making back gainz. Find someone who has similar personality traits as you so you’re not awkwardly walking from machine to machine. It’s also healthy to talk about training outside of the gym as it will help with meal plans and resist from eating all of that left over chocolate from Christmas.

Three’s a crowd.

This isn’t a training partner trait, it’s just a general tip. It may work for some, but personally I prefer training as a pair. Having a thirs person train can add heaps more time onto your training and 9 times out of ten your training should last from 45 minutes – 2 hours. Now that can be increased when adding someone else into your regime, and you need to get home, meal prep and get those vital hours kip. So my advice would be stick as a 2 or your training will feel too crowded.

Train with your partner.

It’s cliché but it’s true, couples who train together stay together. A lot of couples who train together aspire to have the same fitness goals so it can be healthy training with your other half. You’re with your partner all of the time and finding a combined love for the gym will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle entirely.

If they tick all of the boxes then you’ve found your ideal swolemate. Make sure you share on twitter @boohooMAN and tag your training partner to let them know they’re the one.

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