Following in the footsteps of Humble and DNA, Kendrick has released yet another powerful music video. His latest visual is for the track ELEMENT from his new album DAMN, and just like the lyrics, the video gives you a glimpse into Lamar’s life; street brawls, being exposed to weapons at a young age, a father teaching his son to fight, gangs, prison cells and much more.

Although some of the clips in his new release show extreme scenes of violence, there are some that resonate with Kendrick’s faith. We see shots of nuns looking peaceful and serine draped in white, and you could argue that the opening scene replicating the religious rite of a baptism.

Directed by Jonas Lindstroem and the little homies, the whole video was put together with extreme thought; a real artistic piece with amazing editing.

We are starting to see a real connection between Kendrick’s videos as they touch on social issues, the media and upbringing in America, and Kendrick clearly isn’t scared to bring these issues into the spotlight.

We commend Kendrick for this and hope to see a fourth video very soon.

Check out the video for ELEMENT below:


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