We’ve seen some sneaky images of Plan B’s new music video and some of his album art that’s been trickling around social media over the past few days.

Plan B has been off the music scene for almost four years, as he’s been busy being a family man and working with his charity, Each One Teach One.

We’ve really missed his straight to the point, no holding back approach to his music and his mix of Hip-Hop and Soul that felt so new and fresh, with hits like Stay Too Long, She Said and Love Goes Down.  He’s also had plenty of success outside of the music industry; from writing and directing films, to starring in the British remake of The Sweeny, in which he starred alongside Brit hard man, Ray Winstone.

The singer-songwriter from London is back and we’ve seen the love all over social media from fans and fellow artists congratulating Plan B on his discreet comeback. He released his new single ‘In The Name of Man’ yesterday and has discussed his follow up album to 2012’s Ill Manors.

B explained that the album is all about life; from past to present, war and politics, love and his family life. In his interview with BBC Radio 1’s MistaJams, he said there’ll be no rapping on this upcoming album as he felt it didn’t “feel right”.

His new track, which was apparently written years ago, focuses on  his opinions and views on the world and how things have changed, and how in some respects, how nothing has changed.

Listen to the track below:

Words by @zigournie.


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