After the sample track was teased on OVO Sound Radio back in February, anxious fans can now listen to another collaboration track between Whizkid and Drake. Following the huge success of the chart topping “One Dance”, the Nigerian Whiz and Drizzy have linked up again to bring us “Come Closer”.

The track features a blend of pop, reggae and afrobeat to create a relaxed vibe that can also make you want to dutty wine. Both rappers are on fire; this time Whiz taking the lead role with The 6 God dropping in with his reoccurring Jamaican accent, singing and rapping over the beat.

It’s rumoured that a music video for “Come Closer” has been shot by Migos and will be released soon. Music video or not, one thing is for certain…The “One Dance” duo are back!

Listen to the track below:


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