What do you get when you cross Young Thug, the Hills and twenty miniature cars? A masterpiece.

Young Thug has just released the video to his critically acclaimed song Wyclef Jean. Set against the backdrop of Los Angeles’ famous Hills, the video has pretty much everything except the man himself. The video tells the story of the production crew and their struggles to film a video without the rapper and how they had to improvise but we think it came out pretty well.

Starting things off, a recording of Young Thug talks about a juxtaposition where the adults and kids swap keys and take each other’s cars for a spin, smashing up a police car on the way. We finally get a glimpse of Young Thug thanks to some footage recorded with a private jet and a packet of Cheetos but that’s about as far as it goes. Moving to a backyard pool party, an Instagram hack, arguing bodyguards and threats of shutting it down cause havoc but there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best videos out there.

Check it out:


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